Why Juice Your Foods?

The essence of juicing is to obtain the necessary factors necessary for maintaining a good and healthy body. Fresh juice offers your body essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Health Factor

Make juice part of your daily diet for its many healthy ingredients. It helps to increase body energy and consequently gives a glowing complexion. It strengthens your immune system and makes your bones stronger for longer. This obviously reduces instances of diseases. Ideally, you are supposed to take in at least 14 ounces of fresh juice every day.

Eating fruits in their raw taste does provide the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. The maximum can only be utilized using juiced ones. The reason is that, most of these vitamins are locked right inside the fibres. During excretion process, these fibres get expelled from the body without utilizing all those essential stuff. With juice, these concentrated nutrients get right into the main blood stream in a faster way.

Why Juice Your Foods?

Another reason is that very few people get the time to eat the amount of fruits required. It sometimes feels boring to sit down and consume a whole pawpaw fruit. Others feel that they may be viewed as gluttons. But the point is, there are some standards on the amount of fruits that you should take. To cut the whole glutton issue shot, pour all the fruits in a juicer, and then take few glasses of the juice. This way you are set and mark you, you will have taken in most of what your body requires direct into your blood streams.

Nowadays, you cannot miss a bottle of juice on a supermarket shelf. Fine, they are fruit juices, but the problem is processing. These go through a lot of processes. Through each process, substantial amounts of the nutrients are lost. Thus by the time you get to drink the juice, most of the vitamins are not available. Another thing is that you never know how long they have stayed on that shelf. You may as well be taking expired stuff.


The national Institute for Cancer (USDA) agrees that people have to up their consumption of this fresh juice. As a matter of fact, there need be at least two to four servings of fresh vegetables each day. This formula can easily be achieved through juicing. Now the good thing with drinking juice is that it does not have age limits. Infact juice seems to limit your age. You can drink juice your entire life and stay younger every other day.

Important Note

Remember that apple seeds contain cyanide. It is thus highly recommended that you get those seeds out of the fruit before juicing. Rhubarb greens and carrots are not juice makers. This is because they have toxic ingredients if interfered with. The same applies to the skins of grape fruits and oranges. But if you must juice them, start by peeling them. Take fresh juice and stay healthy.